Writing a Children’s Book???

Alright, we’ve all (probably) done those “Future Me” projects in school. You write a letter to your future self, and your teachers save it to the end of the year or until graduation and then give it back to you. This “grand” idea of mine is to write a children’s book for my future children.

Let’s clear up any confusion that there may be: I have absolutely no idea what I want to write about, but I know that I want to do it. Maybe I’ll write a story for each age-stage my children go through. Starts with simple picture books and then easy-to-read chapter books reminiscent of Junie B. Jones or Magic Treehouse before the books graduate to novellas and short stories, all of this ending with full-fledged novels and series. Wow, this is a lot of ambition that I don’t tend to have. Maybe I am going to start this project, or these projects to take a break from my stalled screenplay. If I do write the children’s book, I will definitely post updates on it as I write.

I lied, I do have an idea for the children’s book, but the idea is so loose that I don’t know how to go about this. Contact me or comment if you can help, please.


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  1. Tsipora says:

    I think I could help. I’m working on a children’s book of my own currently. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions.

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    1. Fino Pureth says:

      How do I make the plot simple enough for a young child to understand?


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