Summer Goals?

I started a tradition for myself a few summers ago. Simply put, they were summer resolutions rather than New Year resolutions. I have a commitment problem, by which I mean that I get lazy and don’t want to stick to a project or routine. Anyway, getting on with the post, I will list all my resolutions that I had made during May. Now that it’s July, we will see just how many of these goals I have met.

Original Goals/Resolutions:

Be ready for the Spartan Race by the end of the summer, ending at the head of the pack.
Be able to run four miles, non-stop.
Be able to do four pull-ups and 20 push-ups consecutively. (Don’t judge, I’m weak)
Have at least three paintings done
Have friends over more often
Finally fall into that chore routine again, and make sure I actually get paid this time
Buy a laptop or Chromebook with money I earn
Be able to win a match of tennis against Dad
Play chess each night
Swim with better form
Have a morning routine that includes meditation and writing
Draw with better shading and proportions
Do a photoshoot with friends
Sew a shirt
Learn to embroider and to knit
Cut and dye my hair
Go pollotarian (only meat consumed is chicken)
Do two mud runs or 5ks
Finish Night Vale
Restart Homestuck

Finally go to Lorie’s mom’s new house
Clean out all the stuff I don’t need, including clothes I don’t wear (bye my hoarding stuff)
Drink more water
Write 500 words a day on my screenplay until it’s done


I made a lot of goals, as we can obviously see. Now, I have done hardly any of these.

Note: We have been preparing to move, and I fell behind on my chores. I am not supposed to have a job until we are settled into our new town just to save some stress. I’m not making an allowance, so I have effectively earned no money this summer, yet again.

Resolutions that I have actually done/stuck to

  • I have started to swim with better form with my dad’s help. We go to a nearby lake fairly often, at least once a week. My only problem is that I have trouble swimming with my head underwater. Is it a psychological thing? (Maybe I’ll write about this on a later date.)
  • I was playing chess online with some friends of mine before church camp. (I need to make a post over camp as well. Someone remind me!) Since then, I’ve fallen behind on it. I am at a beginner level at chess. I’ve been playing for years, I’m just bad at chess.
  • I don’t have a morning routine or a night routine, per se. However, I was writing in my stream of consciousness journal nightly, until recently. This post is making me seem lazy, but I swear I have just been busy with research and getting my house ready to sell.
  • My art has definitely gotten better. (Another post idea)
  • I did cut and dye my hair! It took forever and multiple stages of bleaching. I was a ginger and then a blonde before finally dyeing my hair blue. It has faded to a greenish color. I would attach the pictures of my hair journey, but I must retain my anonymity for a while.
  • I didn’t go pollotarian, but I have definitely stopped eating beef in such large amounts. My diet has gotten a lot better since January. (Dang, post ideas just popping up all over this post.)
  • I haven’t finished Welcome to Night Vale, but I’m on episode 12.
  • I did go to Lorie’s mom’s house! I’ve been over there quite a bit this summer, actually. Plus, I helped Lorie with cosplay, so I suppose I can knock that resolution off as well.
  • I did cut back on the stuff I didn’t need. I sold two boxes and a bag of books to Half-Price Books. I’ve donated probably three trash bags of clothes, and I’ll be going through my stuffed animals soon. The ones I don’t keep or give to friends are being donated to a local fire station since I found out that you can do that.
  • I’ve been drinking lots more water, boosts the metabolism, my dudes.
  • Lastly, my screenplay. This is yet another thing that needs its own separate post. No, I haven’t even started writing on the screenplay. However, I do have an outline made and new subplots to go with it which is more than I had during the school year.




Let me know what you think!

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