What is My Mindscape?

What exactly do I mean when I refer to my mindscape?

My mindscape simply is my mind. If you talk to just about anyone who knows me, they could tell you I am a bit scatterbrained. Either that, or that I am constantly in a world of my own creation. Whether I’m scheming my next art or writing project (that I will likely never finish), or I just happen to be daydreaming, I prefer to spend my time within my thoughts.

If you know me apart from this blog, then you’ll know that this seems a little off. I tend to be talkative, very animated, and expressive. I’m an extrovert, what can I say? But, as out-of-character as it may seem for this loud-mouthed girl, I do rather spend time in a land of fiction (not to mention a fictional land that is completely controlled by me).

The reason that my URL is “summermindscape” is simply because I love summer. Specifically, the end of the summer. I don’t like school, no. However, whenever I think of the end of summer, I think of the joy of carnivals coming through town right before school starts. I think about band camp and two-a-days and spending time with my bandmates. Plus, it’s almost my favorite season by then, autumn. What’s not to love? Other than school, of course.


Let me know what you think!

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